Class Descriptions


CY's original class offering is back! CY26 is effective for relieving stress, improving alignment, healing injuries and building strength. A consistent CY26 practice allows you to feel vibrant and stronger in and outside of the classroom! The class consists of 26 strategic postures, and when paired with intentional breath, the practice powerfully flushes toxins and builds strength and stability in every muscle group. CY26 is great for beginners and advanced yogis alike. The 26 poses are basic and instructors give advanced modifications to make the practice challenging for every practitioner.


CY101 is all about the fundamentals. We take the elements and postures you experience in a CYFlow class and break them down pose by pose. In this 60 minute class, you can expect to learn proper form, posture names, variations, and most importantly, feel confident and knowledgeable in your practice.

CY101 is held in a heated room with use of fans and open doors, if necessary. It features hands-on assists, up-beat music and messaging. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, this class is a great way to get back to the basics and fine-tune your yoga practice.


An abbreviated version of CYFlow, this 50 minute class gets you in the flow and off to work! Classes consist of a sweaty, creative flow performed in a heated room featuring handson assists, uplifting music and messaging. This challenging class is open to students of all levels and will leave you feeling energized and inspired


The same powerful Hot Vinyasa class you know and love. A sweaty, creative flowclass performed in a heated room featuring hands-on assists, uplifting music and messaging.This challenging class is open to students of all levels and will leave you feeling energized and inspired. CYFlow is one hour in length.


Not your average "slow flow" class, CYS*Flow moves at a pace that creates intention, peace and power. With a focus on your breath, you will move mindfully to build physical strength and balance and mental composure. Though this format is far from "easy," it is a great fit for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Come explore what magic awaits when you focus deep within yourself. This music-free class is 60 minutes in length.


Unwind from your day with a slow flow set to a chill, instrumental playlist in a warm (not HOT), cozily lit room. In this relaxed-pace, all-levels vinyasa flow, you'll take your time in postures and build heat in your body before enjoying an extended cooldown, restorative stretch and savasana. CYCandlelight is one hour in length.


Allow the physical body to open, give your nervous system a much needed break, and treat the senses to peace and stillness. Leave this class feeling refreshed, open, and light as a feather. You can expect to hold floor poses for a longer period of time, open the body in its full range of motion and experiment with breath-work in a “warm” environment. CYStretch is one hour in length.