Charlotte Yoga Staff


Ruth Gibbs - Yoga Instructor

Yoga came into Ruth's life roughly two and a half years ago, with no intention of it sticking around. She passed in and out of yoga classes for several months, trying different studios and different practice styles. She was intrigued, but not ready to commit. That was until July 2017, when she found herself in a room heated to roughly 100 degrees, surrounded by sweaty bodies, drenched in sweat herself, and practicing a thing she learned was called "power vinyasa flow" and thought, "I think I've found something here."

From that moment on, Ruth has been chasing the high. She's discovered an ability to connect with a new level of self, something that has proven both rewarding and challenging. Yoga is her favorite hobby, habit, lifestyle, experiment, and journey. When you are in Ruth's class, she wants you to feel challenged, encouraged, and worthy. Ruth plays with creative sequencing to deepen your practice and wants every yogi who walks in the studio to know they are welcome, and hopefully leave inspired.

Ruth completed her 200-hour Teacher Training with Johnna Smith, Tanner Bazemore, and Jennifer Eddins at Y2 Yoga in April 2018 and is RTY certified. Ruth continues to explore and grow through teaching, her own practice and reading yoga literature.