Charlotte Yoga Staff


ML Stewart - Yoga Instructor - CYKids

I dabbled with yoga after tearing my ACL playing tennis. Upon moving to Charlotte in 2005, I started consistently practicing and fell in love. I began in pursuit of the physical benefits (strength and flexibility), but kept returning for the mental, spiritual and emotional impact it had on my daily life. I could not get enough.

In 2015, I left the corporate world to pursue my passion. I wanted to challenge myself, share this amazing practice with others and be an example to my children that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Anyone can do yoga and I want to share yoga with as many people as possible!

I discovered yoga as an adult but wished I had found it much younger. Charlotte has a vibrant yoga community for adults, but is still limited in options for kids. I want to help change that. While still in teacher training, I started teaching kids yoga to my daughter, friends and neighbors. Last year I started a yoga program at my daughter's school to help fill that void and make yoga more accessible to children.

I enjoy teaching all ages and all levels, from a high energy vinyasa flow to experienced yogis, guiding beginners to build a strong foundation and working with little yogis to nurture what I hope is a lifetime love. My greatest joy is when my students tell me how the practice has positively impacted their daily life. Mindfulness, breath and gratitude are amazing tools that can help us manage the stress of daily lives and help positively control our reactions to the often-uncontrollable events of daily life.

In addition to yoga, my interests include healthy cooking, family adventures, and dabbling with almost any creative outlet.