Charlotte Yoga Staff


Mia Lovens - Yoga Instructor- Front Desk Extraordinaire

A Baltimore, MD native, Mia has informally practiced yoga her entire life, stretching and dancing from an early age at home, unaware she was cultivating a lifelong love of breath and movement. She began her formal yoga practice in 2008 during college. She practiced Bikram style yoga exclusively for nearly eight years, enjoying the challenge of the high heat, the long holds as well as the discipline and ritual of the same twenty-six postures. In 2015, she began to explore a broader practice inclusive of diverse yoga traditions. In 2017, Mia entered seminary where she was afforded the opportunity to both mine the depths of her soul and challenge her worldviews, graduating in spring of 2020 with her Master of Divinity.

In June 2020, she married her best friend and in 2021 they relocated from Charlottesville, VA to Charlotte. Upon arriving, Mia felt drawn to Charlotte Yoga and after practicing, immediately felt she had come home. Deciding to finally take the leap into a more intentional practice, Mia joined the 2022 Charlotte Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training with Suzanne Bergen and Terrie Reeves. She is forever changed and feels alit with new life after her time in training. She is excited to continue her journey of growth as a teacher. Mia is grateful to welcome all the wonderful people into the CY studio and looks forward to engaging with her fellow practitioners. When she isn't in the studio, Mia loves theatre, the mountains, hiking, and simply being outside. You might find her reading, writing, singing, doing sudoku, practicing her languages (French, Biblical Hebrew, Japanese, and Spanish), spending time with her wife, or enjoying some herbal tea while dreaming up her next creative venture.