Charlotte Yoga Staff


Katie Churchman - Yoga Instructor

“I'm passionate about the power of yoga and how we can use it in our everyday lives to consciously create the lives that we want to lead. That's my why. The what is that I'm a yoga teacher, coach, writer and fellow human being who is constantly learning, evolving (and falling!) through a daily yoga practice…on and off the mat!

After many years running marathons and rushing through my life, I was forced to slow down by several knee operations. So I turned to yoga for a physical ‘quick-fix’ …and I left with a completely different life! On the mat I began befriending my body instead of forcing and fighting it, listening to and learning from its ever-changing needs - whether that be a one-legged wheel pose or an extra-long Shavasana!

Having recently moved from London to Charlotte I can safely say that yoga has offered me so much more than a physical practice: it’s been a guide book for navigating change.”

In 2016, Katie completed her RYT 200 in the Himalayan mountains and has been working internationally ever since. She is a qualified Classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga instructor and most recently trained with Tias Little, focusing on Yoga of the Subtle Body. By teaching a style of yoga that is relatable, accessible and playful, she ensures that her diverse range of students leave in a much more present, creative and connected state.

Katie is the founder of YOCO, a yoga life coaching company which focuses on integrating the physical practice of yoga with everyday office life. In addition, Katie is a coach and facilitator at 4D Human Being, an international communication skills and leadership development company, helping individuals, leaders and teams to consciously communicate with impact every day. To find out more about Katie’s yoga and travel experiences, check out Where She Goes