Charlotte Yoga Staff


Brittany Carleton - Yoga Instructor

For pretty much my entire life, I have been a dancer. All through high school and into college I danced competitively, so after graduating I realized I would no longer have that athletic outlet I had been so accustomed to. It was then that I discovered yoga. I craved the flexibility and strength that had been so natural to me my whole life, but yoga introduced it to me in a whole new way and I quickly became hooked.

Yoga first started as a source of exercise for me, but it quickly turned into more when I learned the mental benefits as well. When I relocated to Charlotte from Buffalo, NY, a new yoga studio was one of the very first things I sought out. Adjusting to living in a new city where I didn't know many people made me yearn for the sense of community that I felt every time I walked into the yoga studio, it was then that I decided to take this journey further and pursue teacher training. I completed my RYT 200 at Charlotte Yoga in May 2016, studying under Jennifer Busco and Jaimis Huff.

As I continue to grow as both a student and a teacher, I am excited and humbled to share my journey with others. It is my hope that I can offer my students that same feeling of connectivity and peace that I have always felt from yoga.