Charlotte Yoga Staff


Amanda Freels - Yoga Teacher

I discovered yoga in 2012, in a very tiny and hot studio in Manhattan. I was instantly hooked. The way that yoga suddenly connected me to something bigger than myself was what kept me interested and wanting to know more.

I grew up dancing, both competitively and classically. At an early age, I recognized that my body is one of my most precious gifts in this would and I loved pushing it to see what it could do. However, I never truly appreciated or honored my body, or myself...until I found yoga. I later attended business school, then headed out to work in the fast-paced corporate culture of NYC. I found myself overworked and burnt out. I never knew why I was unfulfilled striving for things outside of myself...until I found yoga.

Yoga has changed my life in many ways, and it's my dream to share this transformative power with others. In 2017, I completed my 200-hr teacher training at Yoga One in Charlotte, and immediately began teaching at Yoga One. Soon after, I joined the teaching team at Charlotte Yoga. I also teach at a mental health and addiction recovery clinic here in Charlotte. Teaching yoga is the perfect complement to my full-time job as a real estate agent. There are endless lessons that I learn while teaching and practicing, which carry into my life outside the studio..

"One of my favorite things about teaching yoga is watching the transformation that happens when my students do something they never dreamed they could do, or discover powerful new revelations about their lives, or tap into their personal power and strength. In my teaching, I emphasize moving with breath to quiet the mind, practicing mindfulness, and strengthening a loving relationship with yourself. My primary goal in teaching is to help my students connect to their essence, access their inner radiant light and become inspired to share that Light with the world.