Class Descriptions


The same powerful Hot Vinyasa class you know and love. A sweaty, creative flowclass performed in a heated room featuring hands-on assists, uplifting music and messaging.This challenging class is open to students of all levels and will leave you feeling energized and inspired. CYFlow is one hour in length.


An abbreviated version of CYFlow, this 50 minute class gets you in the flow and off to work! Classes consist of a sweaty, creative flow performed in a heated room featuring handson assists, uplifting music and messaging. This challenging class is open to students of all levels and will leave you feeling energized and inspired


Allow the physical body to open, give your nervous system a much needed break, and treat the senses to peace and stillness. Leave this class feeling refreshed, open, and light as a feather. You can expect to hold floor poses for a longer period of time, open the body in its full range of motion and experiment with breath-work in a “warm” environment. CYStretch is one hour in length.


This 15 minute class consists of a guided meditation and is appropriate for anyone looking to re-center and clear the mind. Give yourself the gift of clarity, space and create the foundation to practice mindfulness. All experience levels welcomed and encouraged! CYChill is complementary for all clients.


One hour class especially for little yogis! Our CYKids staff consists of a rotation of amazing teachers specifically trained in kids yoga. Classes consist of kid-oriented asana and meditation, as well as dancing, art and games! Ages 5 and up. $5 per child.


Looking to amp up your all-over strength goals? CYBurn combines muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of total body strength training with flexibility and flow to add an element of challenge to your practice. To enhance muscular endurance, lengthen, and tone, this class utilizes premium fitness equipment as well as body weight and isometrics for all-over burn. Challenging for all fitness levels! CYBurn is one hour in length.


Perfect for beginners or those looking to fine-tune the fundamentals of their practice. This class includes all the key poses of yoga with detailed instruction on proper alignment, safety and modifications. Learn how to "go with the flow" in this intentional 60 minute vinyasa class!.


X as in extra flow time! CYFlowX is our standard vinyasa class extended to 75 minutes in length. Expect to spend fifteen fantastic extra minutes on fiery flow, releasing floor work and, of course, sweet savasana!


CYProgressive is for anyone comfortable coming to a level 2 class and has the curiosity and drive to discover what's next. In this 90-minute flow class we will explore, workshop and develop a wider range of postures that will challenge, inspire and make you hungry for more!